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These tips will help you store and transport your items safely and efficiently:

Plan Ahead

To ensure a calmer, less stressful move give yourself plenty of time to pack items correctly. Disassemble larger pieces of furniture, and plan out your storage space. If needed, make rental reservations at least 2 weeks prior to your move. Purchase moving supplies and begin packing household items daily, beginning with least used items first. Clearly label all sides of each moving box, and keep a list of items going into your storage unit. For added organization, color code each box to a specific room of the house.

Choose The Right Sized Storage Unit

A common mistake that most people make is choosing too small of a unit. Be realistic with your space requirements. The last thing you want to happen is to not be able to fit everything into your unit, and have to lease a second unit! It is far more cost effective to lease a large unit rather than two smaller ones.

Use Protection on Your Belongings

It is best to protect all furniture with old blankets, moving pads, or paper pads. Even the slightest shift in boxes, or loose items above, can cause damage to furniture pieces. In addition, use mattress, chair, and sofa covers on all upholstered items to keep dust, dirt, debris at bay. Do not store cardboard boxes or furniture directly on concrete. Instead, use palates or protective layer of plastic to protect against any ground moisture. Palates are also great at maintaining airflow throughout the unit.

Use The Space in Your Unit Efficiently

You don't want to unload or pull out all the items in your unit to retrieve a much used or needed item. Keep belongings that you are more likely to use frequently, such as pool toys, holiday decorations, tools, bikes, etc., towards the front of your unit. The back of your storage unit is ideal for valuables, or items you are unlikely to need in the near future. Furthermore, to maximize your space, get creative when packing and planning out your unit. For example, use drawers to hold clothes, china, small items. If possible, remove legs or arms from chairs to create more space.

Do Not Store and Transport Chemicals or Perishables

You should never store chemicals, and it is against the lase to do so. Also throw out perishables such as sugar, spices, unopened canned food, or pet food. In addition to violating your lease and potentially attracting rodents, trying to salvage perishables by storing or transporting them will always cost more money in the long run.
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